Ways to Save Money You Never Thought of

Posted on: May 8th, 2010 by

Financial Planning - Rockville, MDDue to our current economic climate, everyone is searching for any way they can to save a buck when financial planning isn’t enough.  There are a few unturned stones out there still.  One of the ideas that I came across while looking for money saving ideas was really simple: printer cartridges.  You may be thinking, I already know that companies will give you money for returning used cartridges and toners, but changing something as simple as your font can save you money as well.  Studies have found that Century Gothic and Times New Roman use significantly less ink than other fonts.  It was found that Century Gothic, for example, uses 30% less ink than Arial.  Also, buying ink on the internet from companies like inkjetsuperstore.com, turned out to be much cheaper than the larger office supply stores.

If you were already considering or finding it necessary to buy a new appliance, there is a way to save doing that as well.  Many states are now offering a cash-for-appliance rebate, which is closely modeled after the cash-for-clunkers program.  You, in essence, are trading in your old washer, dryer, refrigerator, or other appliance for a new energy efficient one.  Each state is administering the program differently, but you can visit the Maryland website to read the details.

Finally, a big saver would be to give up your cell phone.  Just kidding.  Most of us cannot live without a cell phone these days and have even gotten rid of our land lines and only use cell phones.  There is a very helpful website to help you review your bill and determine if you are on the right plan.  Many of us are wasting a lot of money on add-ons we don’t use and minutes we don’t need.  The site, fixmycellbill.com, will, at no cost, tell you how much you could save by switching plans or carriers.

I found a few other money saving ideas out there, but decided they were too insane to even consider suggesting them to someone else.  I’ll leave you with one ridiculous idea: fold the toilet paper roll so that people can only pull off a few sheets at a time.



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