Rockville, Maryland – What Is Estate Planning?

Posted on: March 15th, 2010 by

Rockville, MarylandRockville, Maryland – Although, one’s estate can most easily be defined as his or her property, there is no precise definition for estate planning.  It is, generally, a series of steps to be taken so that when you die, your property will be handled in a way that reflects your values and wishes regarding your survivors and any charitable interests you may have.

A good estate plan is designed to bring reality in line with your desires to the greatest extent possible, given the limitations and practical problems you may face.  The drafting of this plan will usually include candid family discussions, drafting a will and trust, changing the designated beneficiaries on certain accounts, buying life insurance (and which type to buy), etc.  As for limitations or “problems”, the most common include insufficient money to fund all of your goals and survivors who do not act as hoped or expected.

The most important thing to remember is that an estate plan needs to be given adequate thought and consideration.  If you hire the best estate planner in Rockville, MD for you, who has your best interest in mind, the process is not as daunting as you may fear.



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