Be Wary of Who You Hire

Posted on: April 13th, 2010 by

Trust Your CPA - Rockville, MDThere are certain tax schemes that the IRS is really cracking down on now that you must be wary of.  Many people are filing extensions this year, meaning that their returns don’t have to actually be in until October 15, so taxes don’t just go away after the dreaded April 15 passes.  If you are one of those people filing extensions, then make sure you know these tidbits from the IRS.  Sketchy tax preparers are on the rise and will often advise you to take illegal deductions; make sure you hire a reputable and trusted CPA if you hire someone.  The IRS is also making a point of scrutinizing retirement accounts in search of taxpayers who enter transactions that allow them to exceed the contribution limit of the IRA.  Many of these transactions are put together by dubious financial advisers, so like accountants, you need make sure you only use reputable, certified financial planners.  Make sure you carefully look into who it is you are hiring and check on their certifications before entering into any business engagement with them.



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