Who is Elizabeth Smart’s fiance?

Posted on: January 25th, 2012 by

10 yrs. ago, the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart left Americans glued to their televisions and completely engrossed in the story.  Now, Elizabeth is 24, and has just announced her engagement.  I’m sure, as I was, most people were a little shocked, then excited that she had found someone and wasn’t nearly as damaged as one would have thought, and then wanted to know, who is this guy?  The Smart family tried to keep him a secret… but that, obviously, did not work.  He has been identified as Matthew Gilmour, a 21-year old from Scotland.

The couple met in France, while Elizabeth was there serving a mission for the LDS church.  Gilmour shares her Mormon faith and connection to music.  He is the son of 2 music teachers and his late father once played in a brass band.  Smart is a harp major at BYU.

The couple plans to wed in July, according to Smart’s hometown paper, The Salt Lake Tribune.  They described both Smart and her parents as very excited about the impending marriage.  The family plans to keep details of the big day private.



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