Pre-Retirement Discussion to Have With Your Financial Adviser

Posted on: March 31st, 2010 by

Financial Planning - Piggy BankBefore retirement, there are two major things you should discuss with your financial adviser: how to pay off your debt before retirement and what your investment fees will be.  Both are advantageous to maximizing your retirement benefits.  It is very important to plan to eliminate monthly debts prior to retirement (especially your mortgage) because eliminating the fixed expense cuts down tremendously on the dent those costs will leave on your fixed income.  Speaking with a financial adviser will help you make plans to pay off these debt in a respectable amount of time without putting forth your savings toward paying the debts.  And lastly, before investing you need to ask the important question, “How much will this cost me?”.  Fees and expenses diminish investment return.  Avoid investments that charge you higher percentages and bank accounts that charge fees.  Your financial adviser and/or a little research can help direct you to the best options.



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